need help to start animation design


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hi all
first off I have 0 experience in animation and motion graphic field but I'm mastering photoshop and illustrator and I'm planning to begin after effect after that
what I want to create is short deep meaning animations and reflect my ideas in them but I don't know which software is good for these kinds of things.
something like THIS or THIS or THIS.
these effects have the vibe of seriousness, you know, they instantly draw your attention .... i hope i am conveying correctly.
The first one would have probably used After Effects or Animate as its tween animation whilst the other two are cell animation where each frame is drawn by hand.
I use After Effects and never really used Adobe Animate so can't really comment on that but you can do some basic stuff in Photoshop.

If you're serious about doing some animation then I'd go for After Effects as it's pretty much the standard software for 2D animation but it has a bit of a learning curve to it but it's great fun once you start to get your head around it.
There are literally LOADS of character design/animation tut's around but you can get a 2 month free trial on Skillshare (+ another free month when you go to cancel) and a free month on Linkedin Learning.
Both have some very good courses, especially for the beginner.

There are a couple of plug-ins that are really helpful too. Rubberhose 2 is great for limbs and Joysticks n Sliders is really good fo rigging faces.

Those examples look very Film Noir but the only real difference is the monochrome and the lighting.

EDIT......Tween Animation means "in-between".
It means you can take an object in say frame 1, then go to frame 10 and move it and After Effects fills the frames "in-between" so you get your movement.
There are a couple of plug-ins
thx alot
when you ask a pro it saves months of searching.
Those examples look very Film Noir but the only real difference is the monochrome and the lighting.
are these kinds of techniques included in general AA tuts or I should look for their creation separately?!

and finally, any tip you think a beginner should know when he enters the animation realm?! any other software that works with AA hand-in-hand or reduces working time?