Need help designing my own design projects for uni!

Hey guys 4 weeks till I start back in the 3rd year of uni and I have to come up with around 10 ideas for projects to do in the final year!

Im really struggling on ideas at the moment, some ideas are:

Creating a show with a friend in the same class, and putting on a show with all of our work also getting photographers and illustrators to show their work. May also have a few bands to play and just make a real big deal!

Im thinking of also creating a piece of typography work but in different mediums such as: digital, calligraphy, scrawn, scratched, modelled. By doing this I can see how different mediums give off different feelings and looks. This will also help with my dissertation.

I am also doing my dissertation on: Is handcrafted typography dead?

I will look into the history of typography and how it has changed through the ages but also how we as designers have evolved and by doing this may have pushed handcrafted design aside to let the digital ages come through.

Would be awesome to let us know your thoughts guys, so nervous about starting the 3yr year!

Matt :)
I like the idea of showing how typography can affect the mood and feel of a project but I'm not sure what you've been doing up untill now so not quite sure what to recommend other than what you already said.
ahhh i will miss 3rd year.....i'm graduating next month. Enjoy it while you can!! make the most of your time with your friends!!

PS sorry didn't add any advice will get back to you
Yea Im looking forward to going back to uni, just its the final yr and I need to pull my finger out!

Glad you like the 1 idea Niv just need to think of 8 more now! hmmmm
Let us know a little bit more about the stuff you've covered so far at Uni and I'll have a think about possible ideas, no real point in suggesting stuff for Uni if it's not really got anything to do with what you've been doing or will be doing. For example if it's Graphic design you're doing and I suggest something more along the lines of a photography project it may have no real connection with the course if you know what I mean. :icon_wink:
Yea sorry for being do vague!

Im currently studying graphic design and for the past 2 years have covered quite a lot of the essentials including: typography, photography, magazine design, layouts, etc.
How about a book?

Covers everything in graphic design. . . typography, illustration, photography, layout, binding methods, calligraphy, paper choice, colours, etc. You can learn to bind yourself or find a craft bookbinder and get him/her to do it or show you or help you. If you get it printed digitally you are only constrained by a maximum page size of SRA3. . .

Now you just have to think of what to do the book about!