Need help, creating an image in Illustrator


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Hello peeps.

I have a old client who contacted me, last worked for him was over a year ago.
I did a image for him (anime/manga style full colour) for him to use as logo for his company.....

I did this in photoshop (only know basic Illustrator to be honest) I did include a AI file (I did using live trace)
However he now want to use the image as labels and his printers have asked for the image to be created in Illustrator.....

I am wondering how is the best way to do this (& fastest)

As I have a new born son (7 weeks old) I really have my hands full... So only time I get is when dear husband can look after him or he is asleep...

This client is a complete sweetheart and have possible future business connections with him.... So I really would like to find a way to do this for him.

Although I have shut up shop for a while, I aim to relearn and set up a portfolio of work while on mat leave.....

Any pointers, links to tuts, advise is more then welcome.....

Many Thanks

Emma xXx
I don't think there's a quick fix for this - it's just a case of using your PSD as a template and recreating the artwork in Illustrator.

Even though this might appear daunting, it's just a case of creating paths and then filling them will the respective colours of your original Manga illustration.

Make sure you're working in CMYK and once you've recreated the illustration, save the file as an EPS and then send to the printer.

If it's going to be any help, post the image up and i'll give you a more detailed explanation.


Sorry, but there is no quick fix unfortunately. If you would like Toppers to recreate the image then just drop us your spec and a copy of the image to [email protected] and we can send you over a price for producing a vector version of the image/logo.