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james lahr

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hello guys,

I have to make a sign for my client, the problem is that the logo was made by another graphic designer a long time ago so they gave me a logo not in good quality. as the sign is very large and I need a logo of good quality, so I'm trying to reproduce the logo myself with the same design except that I can not find the ornaments of flowers there.(same with the font)
That's why I'm asking you if you know which image bank it comes from, or is there someting similar, I looked and found nothing. so this is why i'm asking the community

Thanks in advance.

forgive me for english, i'm french.


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There's a better one on their facebook page.

good luck with this one...
Although looks pretty easy to redraw and recolour.



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I'm pretty sure you won't find the flowers as stock, specially if it was done a while ago. Quite easy to redraw, but difficult to get it exactly the same as it's been done quite poorly -
some are just copied and pasted over the top of each other. Tell them it will be easier to redesign it!

james lahr

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yes I saw, it's too late, they already printed this logo as a sticker on their cup, bag...
I'll have to redo the same design, with Illustrator it shouldn't be too difficult, of course, I'd charge my client for that. ;)

thank you hankscorpio and Wardy.:giggle: