Need feedback on my portfolio?

Well, if you want bluntness, the handwritten font on your website made me grimmace / squint without even looking at your work. It's a bit "busy". I think you could maybe go for a simple, 'clean' look.

Understandably your newspaper layout work looks good but I would say a lot of your other stuff looks a bit dated / 80s-90s style. Sorry.

A lot of guys on here have online portfolios in their tags, have a look at their work, the currenty styles being used. (Mines isn't anything special so I am hardly one to criticise but I'm good at giving advice :icon_smile:) Then take a piece you have already done and give yourself the brief of modernising it / bringing it up to date.

Have a look round online for inspiration. And think about your font choices / typography.

You'll get there :icon_thumbup:
I'd ditch the free Wix flash site (Flash is bad for search engines and some people don't always have Flash running) and either get your own hosting and domain name and code a one page portfolio that puts the emphasis on your work or request an invite to Cargo and then just pay for your own domain name and direct it to your Cargo page.

Cargo portfolios are simple, clean, and user-friendly.

I'd agree with that. Get a cheap domain & hosting and if you're not overly webbed up go for a Wordpress portfolio site or code up a simple portfolio (don;t ask me how but I'm sure guys here would give a hand) :icon_thumbup:
A bit tricksy and without any real concept holding it all together: the apparently random typography is, with all due respect, bloody awful.
Mainly referring to the fact that it's populated with a whole bagful of different visual effects/devices/transitions/styles/layouts/fonts/etc: it's more about the lack of coherence than anything else.
The website is really horrible, i wouldn't choose to have a whole website in flash either. I would start again on a new design keeping it much cleaner.
The website's too busy, and so is your work. Pretty much every bit of type had a key line, or a drop shadow, or some sort of effect. Simplify. Less fonts, less effects, just less.
I see you've changed your "theme". As it was loading I saw a beige / old paper colour and the text arrived first and I thought "oh good, he's gone for plain & simple; don't like the font though" then the scrunched up paper arrived.

It is marginally better but not really an improvement. Sorry to be harsh but better to hear about it and be able to fix it.
Much Better!!!!!!

I agreed with the previous posts completely and this new look is definatley better. I would take the others advice and try and update some of your work or do some self directed briefs or us D&DA Briefs which you can get for free, you just have to register.

Well done on taking the new direction!