Need Feedback on my Logotype sketches


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Good Morning,

I need Feedback on my logotype for my brand. The claim or Name is "Be my Boo".
The brand containes illustrations for man and Woman gender role chliches.
Following I list my Sketches and drafts:

What do you think?




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It's very difficult to give feedback on rough sketches (that are basically all the same), on a brand we know nothing about.


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Just choose one of those and work it up using proper fonts. Then start sketching some other ideas. Mix the text up a bit, using different configurations, think outside
the box a bit. Do a bit of research looking at similar brands etc, see what others do. Work up two or three more ideas then get some feedback on them all.
We would need a bit more about the idea behind the name and the 'brand'. Think about whether you even need a logo as such. Sometimes just a name works on it's own,
one can waste a lot of time coming up with a logo for oneself, we've all been there and done that. Just find a nice font with a distinctive B for instance, or use the o's as
male and female symbols?