Need advice on BRAND GUIDELINE BOOK for client. WHAT TO CHARGE?


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I have been asked to give a quote on doing a Brand Guide Book.
I will have to build the brand first, choose a style, imagery and put together a look and feel for the brand. Then apply the brand to the book with the following

Vision of the brand
imagery style
8x11 Ad
website homepage
online ads 200x200px
monument signage

This is a small apartment community with 200 units and they already have the logo done. This will be for the production artist to take and apply to the marketing materials in the future.

I have done a logo guide book but not one with all the sample ads, brochure etc.
Any advice on what this should cost. Ballpark range? any advice will help.

Hi there, welcome to the forum.

If you actually have to design all of those listed items as well as put them together in a brand guidelines, I'd separate it out. Quote as you normally would for each of the 7 individual elements as separate projects - advert, brochure, letterhead, website homepage, online ads and signage, then quote a price for the design of a regular book/brochure (thats basically what a brand guideline book is anyway).

That should give you a realistic total.
^ This is sound advice but I've always thrown the brandbook in gratis whenever I've had a commission like this.