Need a review for my work


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Hello people...

I'm a designer for a few years now, lately changed my style a bit.

Therefore, I will need your feedback on this Naples real estate sales company website, as it's really not my style usually.

Please tell me whatever you think, even if it's not good and you think I won't like to hear it.

Thanks :)
Change the header color.

My advice to you is to change the header colour, the blue colour is too dark, use a lighter colour like sky blue which is soothing to eyes.
This is going to sound quite critical, and im sorry:

The Good:

- The layout is well structured

The Bad:

- Your navigation buttons are very bland
- Your navigation is flash... ewww....
- Strange gaps in your side navigation

All in all, the main problem with the site is the navigation, you don't need to use flash at all for it- its just stopping search engines from spidering your site.