Need a little advice if you can help

Michael Porter

New Member
Hi All,

I have a slight dilemma and was wondering if you guys here could give me your opinion?

Firstly, I would like to make a point of saying that I am not actually posting this, asking for someone to do a job. I am purely looking for info on the best way to proceed.

I have started work on an Indie video game by myself and I discovered that I was terrible at the art work needed for the game. As it is just myself there is no money involved until the game is released (hopefully) so I am unable to hire someone to do the art work for me. I was wondering if anyone here might know if there is a list of people somewhere that would be willing to help either for free or do the work and then get paid once the game is released (like create a company between us etc)?

Can't think of any specific lists of people who'd like to work for free. Best bet would be a student. What about getting in touch with your local college/university's design faculty and see if any of their classes want a live project to work on? BTEC college courses or 1st year uni courses like this sort of thing.