Naming your MENUS


I see lots of websites out there with following menus; Home, Services, Links, Contact etc.

When creating a website would it be better have a more desciptive menu rather then just the one word inparticular the home and services section.

Or would this not make much difference?
Simplicity, functionality, familiarity. Think about the user who wants a fluent, smooth and non-frustrating experience. I hate (and usually don't bother) having to learn a new menu system each time I visit a new website.

I like intuitive, find the info fast.

Form and function.
I presume you meant from an SEO point of view, as Peter mentioned think of the Customer first and ensure they find what they need quickly and easily, concentrate on the SEO of your product pages and links into them....SEO'ing your links and contact page and worrying about the links into them etc is a waste of time.
the trade off in building a one off menu system SEO-wise is simple.

1. if people don't instantly see what they're looking for then they'll hit the back button quicker than you can say "un-ordered list"

2. if you SEO your menu (and it works) then you've got many more people that come to your site and repeat step 1 therefore the amount of time they spend on the site drops and takes your ranking with it...