Myriad Pro. Has it changed?


I have a regular client whose art work, logo and marketing collateral were set using Myriad Pro. I hasten to add NOT by me. This company have now fallen out with their original design agency but need me to reset art work and adverts etc using their corporate image. Now they are adamant that the main font used is Myriad Pro (regular and Black). But I really don't think it is. It's very VERY similar, barely any difference, but the t's and q's are very slightly different and it seems condensed very slightly to me. I have tried all the different Myriad typefaces, but it's just not 100%. As it's so close, I was wondering if ever the font's change slightly?
Is it possible the previous agency tweaked those characters, or is it the same in body copy too?

Are things so bad they can't request any files from the agency?
I think I'm going to have to go back and give examples. I have checked their body text against an online version on the font, and there's a few differences. The regular and the black version both have slight differences. I would initially say yes it's been tweaked it's almost like it's the italic version which has then been sheared to adjust it back to upright. But the 'a's are all wrong!