My site's f*cked, any ideas?

Paul Murray

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For some reason my them is suddenly acting weird. It's like something isn't loading, as the CSS is partly correct.

It was fine earlier, I logged in, tried to do something and got a "Cheatin' uh?" error. I've no idea what caused it. I've tried deactivating all plugin and the problem's still the same. The theme is fine when viewed on my localhost version. Uploading via the theme install window or via ftp results in the same problem.


*Might have sorted it. My parent framework is borked. I'll be going back to version 1.0
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Sorted it, the Thematic 1.0.1 update features some renamed functions. I need to update my child theme to account for this.
Thanks, I haven't redesigned it recently, just kind of been refining stuff and updating m work every so often.
Websites that respond to devices such as iPhone and iPad, and reconfigure themselves to look at their best on each platform.

Apparently it's "the new black".
I thought that was what you were talking about, but the capital R made me think you were referring to the Responsive theme, which weirdly I used briefly, and even weirder is really awkward to edit/design for :p

I haven't really got the time or patience to start messing about with that stuff. It's online and it works, that's good enough for me right now :)