My Portfolio


Here's the linky

It's about 99.9% complete - A few tweeks needed, some more of my portfolio adding (When/if I rescue it off my old defunct hard drive)

I'd like to hear your thoughts.
Hi Helen

Looks really good at a glance, not got much time now but noticed a few typos and american spelt words here and there, maybe get the copy into word for a UK spell check? Hope that helps for now. :icon_smile:
That's nice Helen. Love the creativity with the right hand side. All very good, although the only thing I would say is I'm not a fan of Times New Roman [if it is indeed TNR]!
Looks good. I like the dripping paint effects your using. The contact form titles are a bit out of line on my computer, dunno if anyone else has this?
Holy shat! Thanks for informing me.......I must have done something by mistake.......

EDIT: Hmmmm just looked again, and it's fine.....what browser were you all using?
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I'm using Firefox:

Just adding a "float:left;" to line 197 of your CSS fixes the problem

form input, form textarea, form select {
margin:5px 0 20px 10px;
I know it aligned when I checked, god only knows what I did :icon_rolleyes:

Anyways, thanks all for testing and helping :icon_biggrin:
Very nice that Helen, well done on that front.

My only tip for improvement would be to make sure all wide images stretch to the same width, so that everything is kept nicely aligned for the eye in a grid format.

For example the Botanica image would look better if it was the same width as your header image.

Really nice site though, like it :icon_smile:.