My portfolio

I wouldn't mind swapping body with that lass on the first item. :icon_biggrin:.

Seriously though, I like most of your work. Its very 'urban' and 'now', and you appear to be someone who loves their music/nightlife! I think the ones that stand out as best (in my eyes) are the CD artwork designs. It's nice, but think about who your target market are (if your planning on marketing yourself for work) as nearly all of your work seems to be in one specific area, though having a specialism - or niche :icon_rolleyes: - could be a good thing. Would be nice to see a bit more vector art/ logos etc.

Good stuff though :icon_thumbup:
I think the work looks to be a decent standard although I'd edit out a lot of the filler pieces and display 5 or 6 of the best flyers / cd covers that you've created.

One thing I would say is that it's not immediately obvious if you've done all of the image manipulation on the cd covers or just added the type to the covers?

If you were creating this portfolio with a view to getting a design job, then I think you need to show examples of other work such as brochures, stationery, logo's etc to show your versatility.


Thank you for the feedback, its really appreciated.

I have done logos which ill upload later on, ill admit i'm not the best at logos at the moment but i'm working on them, i've got a lot more stuff to go up.

I do agree i have to work on a lot more stuff such as logos, brochures etc so ill give some thing different a go next time i design.

All the cd covers i have done, i have put the images together, i always try and do something to an original picture i use, i dont like taking a picture and resizing it and adding type, in my opinion that isnt really design, if you get my drift.

Thanks again though :)
For me, some of this work heavily outweighs the others.
'Tower Block High' single cover and the Tupac 'Road to Heaven' cover, I both really love. The Ministry of Sound piece is great too.
Then there's some of the other work that does nothing for me. I think a lot of it is too Photoshop and filter reliant and there needs to be some diversity added :)