My portfolio site!

I like it, very clean, fresh style, easy to navigate. Just one thing that jumped out at me immediately - you have a logo example on there, Paint Tree that is identical to a logo that is used in an Illustrator tutorial that is out there How to Design a Logo using Adobe Illustrator -Tutorial - YouTube . I have also seen tutorials that pretty much show your ABC logo and the sphere one - not knocking you, I only happen to know this because I trawl through Illustrator tuts online when I'm bored. Just saying if I have noticed maybe others will? - then again I don't suppose many would-be client look these things up. Just saying like.

Other than that as I said, I like it.
I like the site. It looks good. Just one teensy crit is the size of the text. Made me squint a bit and my eyes are pretty good...
nice and clean, blue and grey sites work nice but as corrosive said the text is a wee bit small (10px i think) the minimum u make text on a website is 12pxl (unless you have a text rescaler) but the site is nice for a 1page site :)

you should make a seperate page for your portfolio and make your images enlarge for full view