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If anyone has any time, do you fancy taking a look at my personal website and telling me what you think? Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

I'm a graphic designer with just over a year's employment experience (at the time of writing) but working hard to be good. The website is currently somewhere for me to put all of my personal work (but not work done for my job). In the future when I get around to looking for a new job or freelance work this will likely be used as a portfolio website.

I'm looking for thoughts on the website itself mainly but any thoughts on work are welcome too.
When the slides change, the last 3 items of the navigation menu move to the right by 1 pixel then come back in place.
Thanks guys. I'll definitely look into using different images for any future blog posts.
And regarding the slider moving, It's not something I've noticed before, but I'll definitely look into it.
This is a really nicely done website, it's clear, professional and very easy to navigate. The colours used are also done very well. Not too many and not too little used. Very Nice.
Just a personal thing but I'm really not keen on the 'Gravity' ads on the blog posts. Just lowers the tone of what is otherwise a very nice website.
Hi Arron,

Nice work. I'd think about maybe a little more breathing space between your posts on your archive page, just to define more clearly which image belongs to which post link. Also, maybe do something more in terms of styling your main menu in mobile screen view. The bullet points don't quick seem to work - it feels a bit unfinished. Maybe increase their size and click area on the small screen a bit too, for clumsy oafs like me with big podgy fingers. I'd maybe consider making them block level items, so you don't have to physically click the link text to get to the next page.