My new design services website


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I have just about completed my new design website and thought i'd post it here to get some feedback. When working on something yourself I find you tend to get a little blinded and miss some really obvious things.

The site can be viewed at so if you get chance please take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Right, need to find some work now!!!

Thanks in advance
Hi Karl,

I'm afraid I've not much to say by way of critique since I actually don't think there's anything I'd change about your site's design or structure.

The overall branding is excellent too, I love the tight theme tying it all together. Best of luck with it all - I don't think you'll need it! :icon_biggrin:


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Just out of interest how did you do the scrolling panel at the top of your homepage, how much do you charge to do this type of thing? Is it cross browser compatible?
Its done using a plugin for wordpress called smooth slider, I just changed the styling to suit my site.
WordPress › Smooth Slider « WordPress Plugins it seems to work in pretty much ever browser.

There are loads of scripts out there, if you google jquery slider you'll see what I mean. Generally they are pretty easy to implement but I guess you'd be looking at the £100 mark depending on how complex it is.
I love it. I'm just about to redo my site and I'm wondering whether you know of any decent tutorials for customising Wordpress - that is if it's done in Wordpress, if not ignore me!
i love your site....only thing if i'm been picky is too much text or stuff to go through, but never the less i can easily see menus and icons to click on what i want
Don't worry about too much text - I didn't read it all but found the information easy to find. Text is good for search engines! Really good site. Good luck!