My Logo crit


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My logo which I have just started using as I'm only really just starting out as a professional.

My main issue with it is that the font is awkward and unreadable if scaled.

Not asking for a redesign just an outside opinion.

Hi Steve,

I think it could do with some tweeks. I wouldn't say the font is awkward it's just too small in my opinion.

I would maybe play around with the size of the title, for me the mark looks too large in comparison to the name. Why not try the name larger stacked below the mark or side by side.

Is there a particular reason why the teal curve is thinner than the start of the 'm'? It just looks a bit odd to me.
I agree, the top part of the S is too narrow. The name etc needs to go bigger and below the mark.

The whole thing looks a bit awkward and contrived.
Honestly, I think you should explore other ideas with different fonts / colour combinations / compositions etc.