'My Life as a Cartoon' - A graphic design comic strip

Hi all,
A few of you might be familiar with me and my work from other places on the internet, but I wanted to start a thread introducing my webcomic / comic strip to those that have never heard of it. That will be plenty of you I'm sure.

Back in 2009 I re-designed my website and started taking my freelancing a little more seriously. Of course I included a blog before realising I had very little content to sustain it.
As a bit of filler I started making semi-autobiographical comic strips about me, my then girlfriend (now wife) and how my job affected me/us and the challenges that are presented both by being a designer and living with one.

Roll on about three years and I've just posted #64 and self-published a book collecting the first 50 through Lulu.
All of the comics are available to view on my blog, and they always will be.

I always appreciate feedback, of any sort, so if this sounds like something that might interest you please take a look.

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I know I said it was semi-autobiographical, but it's mostly funny.
Hi Ken - welcome- another local face!

I've just had a quick look at My life as a cartoon... wonderful I shall have to bookmark it and read more. 'White space' *sigh* needs to show that to a (hopefully) new client!
Thanks for all your kind feedback.
#61 was a good one. I try to put a bit of design theory in here and there. I'm trying to figure out a good negative space gag for a future strip.

I also like making strips that I know my wife will never 'get' as it's so design specific. :)