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I have finally got a portfolio of work together for my website but i am struggling to come up with a name that i am happy with, can anybody out there help a little. Below are a few suggestions i am comtemplating,

Design by kev - although this my name does it sound simple and speshul
Kevinclarkecreative - similar sounding sites already in action

At this point i am swaying towards the creative names suggestions as i feel the 'c' has more to offer in terms of creating a logo.

Again anyone with any views on this please let me know
Yeah i agree with your suggestion however if i google that name there is a clarke-creative with the hypen in the middle. There is also a and a, although different spellings they are similar.

Should i let this have a impact on my domain or just see it as healthy competition?

What are your views on design by kev?
The chances are with the right SEO that you will easily out rank all of the above for the search time Clarke Creative with the domain I mentioned, possibly picking up work as a result. Actually surprised it is even available with 'clarke' being such a popular name, i'd snap it up.

Obviously I don't know where you stand legally trading under this name with other established companies already doing so.
My domain?

well you could get and youd probably get it, but, in my mind, itd be like opening a shop called tesko right next door to tesco! you want to have a name that stands out, and theres no risk of someone misspelling the address. If someone spelt clarkecreative and accidentally put a '-' between the words then theyve gone to a completely different website

A friend of mine has sent me this email with regards to the problem of identity and domain naming, should i steer clear or bite the bullet?
Yeah of course it is so snapping up both domains is something to consider? Have you looked at the domain suggestions i have posted at the beginning of this thread, which one would be you choice looking back at what has been posted?
Sorry 'Design by Kev' does nothing for me - suggests a 12 year old who thinks he can design!

Clarke Creative is far better. You're not the size of Tesco yet, I imagine and if the other clarke-creatives are not on your doorstep I wouldn't bother too much about being mistaken for them.
Hi Katedesign,

Designbykev is now water under the bridge, as i thrive to create a logo.

Would you buy up both domains clarkedesign and to avoid the mispelling? Or have the domain address of kevinclarkecreative with the c's creating the brand logo and identity.

Thanks for your input.
If you’re going with clarkedesign get both domains. They’re only £3 or so a year each so you’d be silly not too. Push the boat out and get kevinclarkecreative too, then you can make you’re mind up later and you’re only paying £9 a year for all three.

Actually, I’d get kevinclarkcreative too - then you have all the bases covered!
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Clarkedesign or clarkecreative, do you mean? What are your opinions are somebody already having the domain clarke-creative should i then go with kevinclarkecreative to make it unique but still use the c's to create my identity mark.
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Well & both seem to be taken - was this by you?

As for - where are you based? The domain with the hyphen in it seems to be owned by a freelancer in london so I don’t think legally you would get in trouble, and if you did go down this route I think you’d find it would be people looking for her who would end up on your site so you could always put a link to her site (Looking for Dawn? Click here) on your home page to avoid any trouble.
How likely is it that people looking specifically for you will end up taking their business to someone with a similar name/URL? Whatever your domain name, I'd say it's wildly optimistic to assume that people will stumble upon it via Google when searching for a designer and I expect that you'll be directing people to your site either directly or via promotional material or direct links that you place elsewhere. If it's important to you to have a totally unambiguous, 100% unique URL, start over with that in mind but I'd go with whatever name makes you happiest and work with it.

Incidentally, I particularly dislike the idea of directing people to a similarly-named site if they come to you in error (or randomly, for that matter) as it draws attention to the fact that you feel you might have made a mistake in naming your site and makes it look like a bad choice.
I am based in London, Islington which is just around the corner from Dawn. So with that in mind do i try and steer away from clarkecreative, towards kevinclarkecreative or do you all agree to much of a mouthful?

With regards to similar domain names, i have researched and found websites that offer the same service but with the hypen the only difference.

clarkecreative i have a younger sister and brother who are studying photography and web design, so who knows one day the opportunity to all work under family name?

Again i thankyou for your comments and advice
If somebody else is already trading as Clarke Creative in the same area of the Country as you also offering the same services then they may have grounds for "passing off", in this instance I would have another think as it could be a nightmare for you.

What about KC Creative, KC Design?
Personally i would go for a completely different name that hasn't been used before and probably won't be again - that way you avoid confusion. When there are people in the same business as you with a very similar name you're just leaving it open to people getting the wrong site i think

Hi Kevin!

Ok well here are my views:

I say Your worries about your domain being misspelt are a minor issue. As said previously you are not a huge company like tesco. But even then, tesco would not buy two domain names of tesco and tesko for the donkeys that can't spell!

I like what everyone has come up with and the hyphernation inbetween should help eliminate error.

Most of the time people copy and paste anyways!

Let me know what you come up with :)

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