My first Photography edit


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I recently edited this picture on GIMP 2.7.
It's my first actual edit of a photograph
I want to know what you all think about it and what other effects i could use to make it stand out

I started out with this picture

and ended up with this

I want something good about it and something I could improve on

I'm not too sure what I'd change but I do really like the concept of the reflection and seeing what the eye can see, it's interesting!

Now I just wait for you to tell me that wasn't even the concept :icon_biggrin:
thanks for that, and to be honest i'm not sure what the concept was myself. I had no idea in mind when i done this. It's a pure result of boredom
As a matter of interest and no criticism, why Gimp?
Never had any experience of using it.

I like the photo, I'd quite like to see colour remaining in the eye though :)
I just used gimp as it's the closed thing i have to photoshop and it is pretty good for amateur designers like myself. I'll take your idea and play around with the eye colour abit. It sounds pretty good
I like it

Maybe try to just reflect an image in just the eye and not the whole face?

Adding colour to the eye sounds like a good idea too