My domain name?


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When I bought my domain name the price I paid was for 2 years. In 10 months those 2 years will be up but I have no idea what happens at that point?.. Does my site stop working and I have to re-purchase the domain name or will I get notification that the 2 years is up? Is there a way to buy the domain name outright?
You should get a notification a couple of months before, then it's your choice to renew it or not. If you don't it'll just expire at the end of the 2 years and your site will be taken down. I'm pretty sure with most providers, the renewal price will be cheaper than letting it expire, then re-purchasing it. I suppose you could buy the domain for say 10 years or so?
Hey, mine has just run out, but 1and1 just emailed to say they'd renew it automatically unless I asked them otherwise. I'd probably email them and check, but I would imagine they'd renew it automatically.

Hope this helps :D
If you have purchased your domain with 123 reg they have an automatic renewal option, they email you in advance of the date but no action is required unless you dont want to renew.

Once your domain name has expired i think there is a cooling off period then basically anyone can purchase the domain again from scratch.
Although don't leave anything to chance, put a note in your diary and renew when the time comes....always less than a tenner for for 2 years.
I think 2 years is the maximum you can 'rent' a domain for. I don't think you can buy them outright.
Cheers guys. I know it's ages away but it dawned on me this morning that I didnt know what happens. lol
Yeah, you should get a notification of some sort and, as mentioned, some will renew automatically and others you'll have to renew.

With mine, I usually get an e-mail around two months in advance with the expiration date, but if I renew and pay before that date it doesn't take effect until the expiration date, so I'm not losing out on anything.