My CV for Creative Artworker, need advice!!


Hi there,

I need some help with my CV content/layout. I'm trying to sell myself as a Creative Artworker and i'm looking for a bit of feedback.

What i do now is essentially limited to brochure design for property so i've tried to hide that fact in order that potential employers can see i am more diverse.

Do you think anything needs to be added or removed?

Thanks and any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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At work so only had a really quick look as you have the same name as someone I know!

I’d spell check it, as I saw a couple of typos, and tidy up the line endings.
Creative CV?

I'd think about what I say on my blog here about CVs I receive from designers - Truly Ace Graphic Design Blog

I don't think you can really hide what you've been doing in your roles so far. All you can do is reassure them of your diversity through your portfolio.

One can have a portfolio made up of personal works and mock projects to show off your skillset - they don't have to be for real companies.
One slight criticism I would have is that most employers don't have the time to read all of your CV to find out the info I need.

When I receive CV's from candidates, I want to be able to scan your CV and immediately find out how much experience you have and what clients you've worked for (maybe 4 or 5 bullet points).

If I have to wade through the CV for this info or I don't find the layout very engaging, then the CV gets binned.
I have created a new 1 page version of my CV which i hope is a little more eye catching:

I have a question: How should i sell myself?

Ideally I would like to work as a graphic designer, but i'm unsure if i'm skilled enough for this kind of role. I only design brochure for property at the moment which is quite limited. I am working on my portfolio however which will involve re-branding a delicatessen, poster design, album artwork and property brochures. Is this enough to call myself a graphic designer?


Hi Matt,

I think that's a definite improvement (i did spot 1 typo - 'indepedantly' should have an 'e').

The question of how to sell yourself is tricky...personally I think it all comes down to the content in your folio...if the majority of work in your folio has relied on creative input from someone else, then you're still an artworker (however, it sounds like you're doing the right thing and getting more creative pieces in your folio).

If your folio is good and you've got lots of creative ideas, then it doesn't really matter what you call's really all down to the person interviewing you and whether you can convince them that you're the right person for the job.

Personally I think you should make more of the fact that you're able to design as well as artwork and you also have a degree in photography - good luck with your job search


I like the blue, it's a personal fave of mine.

I'm not sure about talking about yourself in the third person though;

"Takes pride in his work and endeavours to include his own personality"

... seems a bit impersonal to me, as though you're not connecting with your possible employer and are distancing youself from the CV.