Music Video Critique (and help!)

Hi all,

A friend of mine is a musician. His skills lie very much in the musical side of things, and he is struggling with the thought of promoting his work.

For my own freelance graphic design work I use twitter and LinkedIn a lot and have found them quite fruitful for networking, but was wondering if anyone had any experience of working with a musical client or marketing to the public? I have tried to help him out, but feel it may be a full time job, but any potential advice I could give him would no doubt be well received.

I always find the critique on this forum to be constructive from a design POV, so any advice from that perspective too would be great! Have a look at this that he has put together, it's his version of House of the Rising Sun... Rising Sun Blues - Funk Noîse feat. Davy Duke - YouTube

I've directed a few (well over 30) Music Videos in the last year and a half - as well as marketing for bands and labels throughout the world - so I hope you don't mind me being brutally honest.

It feels like it was shot back in the 1980s when wacky colours and odd composition (both in editing and framing) were all the rage. I get the feeling that it's supposed to be satirical, but it does nothing to enhance the act. It just feels messy, unprofessional and like no one could give a fuck about what they were creating.

I'd recommend going back to the drawing board - research other acts like Weird Al Yankovic - see what he's doing, how his Music Videos feel real yet funny at the same time, and try to replicate it.