Multiple currencies in an online shop?


Hi there,

What is the best way of handling multiple currencies in an online shop? I am building a simple shop with WordPress and the getshopped plugin with the aim to just support PayPal so all payment is handled on their servers - nice and simple. The client would like multiple currencies to be supported, but I am sure PayPal will accept most currencies anyway. I have a feeling the client wants people to be able to choose their preferred currency and then all items on the website will be displayed in that currency. This I guess will cause issues with the rate being up to date etc and a few other things. I am wanting to do a bit of research before I comit to anything and would like to see what everyone else thinks is the way forward.

Here are a few options I can think of:

1) Have prices displayed in the default currency of GBP. If someone from outside the UK is shopping, the amount will be converted into the overseas amount i.e. USD at checkout stage - this is what I understand as default PayPal functionality and the way I think is a good solution. I've bought products in Euros but the amount converts to the eqivilant Pound Sterling at the checkout - so I don't actually pay in Euros.

2) The getshopped plugin does allow individual currency amounts to be added per item, but depending on the number of currencies that want to be supported this could make adding and editing products quite tedious. The inevitability is that as exchange rates change, all of the prices on the website will become incorrect and will need updating. This could prove an issue if there are a lot of products to change

3) There is potential of automatically working out alternative currencies, but again this might prove tricky to get the most accurate and up to date exchange rate.

Can anyone link me up with any example websites which handle multiple currencies in a way described above, or give me any advice?

I'd let Paypal handle the currencies and exchange rates. Just put everything in GBP and then overseas shoppers can choose their currency options in at Paypal checkout.
Hi cheers for the response - that is what I thought would be best. The client has opted for the 2nd option although in these specific circumstances it might work out alight even though this option probably wouldn't be advisable in every case.