Movie image rights

Nina Brown

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Hi everyone

I wonder if someone could help with the following query.

I am a professional designer, a friend of mine runs a local cinema and has asked me to design a couple of slides advertising 'tickets now available' etc for some upcoming movies.

No problem I think to myself, couple of hours work, some free cinema tickets. Job done. However, I now realise that I have no idea how to source images for this kind of project. Previously the cinema has used google images with standard system fonts, in power point... you get the idea.

I will most likely go with a minimalist theme similar to if it can't be done. It's not like I can get the latest movie still off shutterstock. I have thought about contacting the cinemas in-house magazine design team, they would have good images there, but I'm unsure about the rights, even if they did have them would they be able to give them to me?

Am I over thinking it? Perhaps there is a simple solution, It's important to me that I follow proper processes, no matter how small the project.

When a cinema's screening a film, don't they get an accompanying press pack or similar for promotional purposes? If they have an in-house design team, that's got to be a good starting point.
There's a website that the cinema could sign up for that gives out new films promo material for critics and advertising, its name has slipped my mind atm I'll find out for you
I would think that your friend must surely know where to access movie photos from for marketing use? They must have accessed them before for various reasons in the past.

They might have free access to photos that you cannot gain access to at any sort of reasonable price simply because you don't own a cinema.