Monthly Agreements

Hey Guys,

As a new freelancer starting out, what's the best way to write up agreements between myself and a client? Below are a couple of examples of the things I would need to do.

  • Monthly hosting fees by Standing order
  • Monthly fees for use of my own cms
  • Monthly bolt on's for the cms
I am jsut trying to get an idea as I don't want to end up writing something that they can potentially get out of and then I lose out so I want everything to be done properly, could anyone recommend any websties that could point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,
Ok Boss, I appreciate it... I will look into contracts a little deeper and work out whether it's going to be financially viable to invest in a solicitors time.

Thanks again. could always get other designers on board and all chip in a % of the cost, that way you all have water tight T&C's at a fraction of the price, just a thought.
Ahhh, I like your way of thinking... I need to sit down and get some ideas together first of what exactly I need to be covered on etc. Thanks for the idea Boss :)