Okay so I am going to add more color to my portfolio. So I drew this collection of cartoon monsters and vectorised it. I am going to fill the page up with these creatures as a mock movie poster for a horror film called "Sweet Meats". Tell me what you think of the creatures.

.....Edit: I am confused this forums jpeg uploaded has fecked up the colors....
I e had problems with the uploaded sending colours funny in the past. Can't remember what I did to fix it.
Aside from the colours, I think you need to put a bit more detail into the monsters, and a bit more thought into composition.

Imagine you've been given a brief to do the poster. Normally, it would have to depict a scene from the film, maybe human figure or two.
Start with just paper and pencil, and think about where the title is going to go, etc., and do a few sketches before you go into Ai.
.....Edit: I am confused this forums jpeg uploaded has fecked up the colors....

I've also had this and if I recall it was because the colours where CMYK. Switch them to RGB and you should be fine.

I like it so far, but I'd like to seem them in the context of a poster before I comment further :)
It has been an active week, been doing prep for an interview and now have to get on with the book project for dark harvest.

I have been doing some stuff including a hand drawn font for the title.

Kayley Hill

(the third picture)

I have decided to make it a full font (starting with the fat letters first), and then I am going to work more on the monsters.
Hi just had a look at your monster images, i love the first image, love the simplicity of it. I think that image alone with some nice type would look really cool, Id be even tempted to just use a nice font, rather than creating something, just my opinion though!!