Monitor Problems!

Hi all,

I work on a PC and am looking for a new monitor after the one I'm using decided it didn't want to display light colours anymore. Everything is just really bright and saturated and no amount of messing with the settings has helped so I've decided to invest in a new screen.

This is obviously a problem being a designer as I rely on my equipment working properly. What I would like to know is does anyone have any suggestions of good quality monitors? Has anyone bought a new one recently that’s good for design work? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, cos this is doin my head in! :icon_cursing:

Thank you in advanced!

kinda stuck with the built in jobbie on the iMac. do have a smaller one which i use for the tool palettes - can't remember what it is but it was cheap and the quality was not an issue - very helpful i know!!!!
Buy one of these when you get your new screen.


You'll wonder how you managed without. Really brilliant - and good value for the money (under £100).