Modyfying an image


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Hi all.

Ive a simple request, (I think)!

I want to produce an image that's using a chinese character, a bit like a tattoo. Now when I insert the chinese character, it looks flat and too much like a font.

Is there any way, seeing as I havent created the character myself, to get 'into' it and do stuff?

For example, the character is flat and has smooth lines, for an example see:


.... tho real calligraphy is done by brush and has the subtle brush strokes, specially toward the 'ends' of the strokes/image.

So how can I enhance the premade image and make it look more natural, like brush stroke?

Or if I cant get 'into' the image, is it poss to somehow trace it and make a copy that can be modified?


And yes I have tried selecting a brush tool/blank canvass, and creating the image myself but its too wobbly if you know what I mean?

Ive got paintshop and fireworks and can borrow photoshop!! If anyone suggests a better software I will look into that too!

Im no hardcore designer so simple explanations will be best for me!!

Thanks everyone!
It's best to redraw it from scratch so that you don't fall into any copyright traps (if the character is truly identifiable and unique to the original creator)
I'd recommend Illustrator for this as you only need to draw the base path (which you can tweak ad infinitum until you are happy) and then have a play with the preset brush/ink settings that can be applied to paths/strokes.