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Hello there. I am looking at trying to modify a freely available font called Solari.ttf

I have attached a small pic of what it looks like


This is a windows TTF, and it can be bought into any program. The issue I am having, and why I would like to try to modify it, is that the actual character on the font is transparent, so the characters turn the same colour as the background. Is there a way to make the characters just a solid white, non transparent?

The font in question is here if anyone would like to look at it 《removed by moderators》

Many thanks

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I removed the Google drive link, font sharing is not permitted. It's a violation of the EULA and copyright.

Please post a link to the font online.



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You have two potential problems; one physical, the other, legal/moral. It is physically possible, though would take a fair bit of work, as the font itself is the background and the characters you read are simply negative space. You’d also need to have the right software and know-how. The easiest way to see what I mean is to take one of the glyphs and convert it to paths in illustrator.

The bigger issue is the legality of doing so. Read the eula. Many free fonts allow free use, but exclude modification and redistribution. Always, the safest thing to do is contact the original designer. I am fairly sure that information will be available on the site you downloaded the font from, or a google search. (It is. His name is Didik Pratikno and he is based in Indonesia. Try this page. One of those links will likely get you somewhere)

The easiest, least invasive, solution to achieve what you want, although a little cumbersome and tedious, is to make sure the background they sit on is white, ie create a small box behind each of the character groups shown in your original image. Naturally, you’ll have to be very accurate to avoid white edges appearing around the font.

Hope this helps.


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Hi there, firstly my apologies for doing the wrong thing in my first post. As this is for my own personal use, I have been doing some more research , and that, coupled with info from sprout, has lead me to a workaround. Thanks again for your input!