Mobile Website Pricing


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Hi guys.

Recently I've designed a few websites for an agency in London. - been no problem at all. Gave them a fee that was accepted, I designed them, their developers built them.

They've now asked me to design separate Mobile sites for the same people. How would I go about quoting a price for these? Obviously mobile sites are smaller, simpler versions of regular sites. Do I just charge a smaller fee? Or am I expected to do it for nothing as the main site is already designed?

Advice?! Cheers!
Well - obviously not do it for nothing as its extra work!

Is there a clear brief about what they want on the mobile site? Even though its small, it takes some consideration about how you want to optimise the layout for a mobile device. Because you have already got the design for the desktop version, then I guess that cuts a lot of your creative time out as the style I take it is already taken care of. Will all the pages be quite simple to convert to mobile or will there be any tricky parts which you will need to think about, such as large table grids of data might be simple enough for desktop, but quite tricky for mobile. Also how large navigation systems are setup on desktop might need quite a bit of rework for mobile. Maybe just charge them for 15-25 hours work or more if there are any particularly difficult pages to visualise. I would look at charging at least 50% of what you charged them for the desktop design.

Hope that helps.
In my experience the design of a mobile site can sometimes take longer than a desktop site because there are so many combinations to take into consideration - so definitely agree with richimgd, you can't do this for nothing!! As you've already done the desktop and quite recently, if there are elements you can reuse then I suppose that cuts down time a little bit, but are they expecting you to consider all types of mobile devices? Some agencies build mobile sites that use a thing called 'graceful degradation' so that the mobile site can be seen across a variety of different phones/tablest etc, and the design will render differently on each but try to be optimised as best it can depending on the screen size you are looking at it on. If you need to account for that then I'd up your price!! :)