Mobile app proposal?


Hey guys, for a uni project I'm going to be proposing a mobile app as part of a larger range of items (book website etc.) for a service I'm going to be suggesting.
Right that sounds very vague but it's just the context...

What I'm wondering is, I don't have the skills to code a mobile app (and we're not expected to) so if you were proposing an app/brainstorming how it would work, how would you present it to your client?

I could put together the various 'pages' of the app in photoshop pretty easily and then...lay them all on a big poster? but it's not very dynamic and doesn't give a good indication of how touch might effect it.

So any insight would be great. And if this post is a bit confusing, please just ask any additional questions you need to :S

I would go down your route, different stages illustrating touch effects etc.

Alternatively, if you're any good in Flash or After Effects, you could mock up a short animation/advert for it showing what it can 'do', then just fake all the effects.
hmm yeah i could go down the after effects route... Which might be quite nice.
though i will have to acquire AE again as i lost it after my last format.

I was even wondering whether you could create a sort of interactive book? Maybe with lift up flaps/ that kinda stuff to give the impression of interaction?
I think a physical printed book might be a little restrictive, very time consuming and not that appealing as a way of presenting a concept for a digital platform.

As said above, if you're up on flash etc... you could either replicate the app exactly or as an interactive user guide. Maybe something slick like the Galaxy Nexus tech specs page. (yes I know the nexus page isn't flash but you know what I mean! lol...)
When I was at University and I was studying graphic design, I was suggested to just show the product in a sequnce of frames, maybe some motion graphics to simulate the animation.

Alternatively as stated by Tony, I would also suggest animation if you have that accessibility. Lecturers fully understand that you are not trained to produce something like a working application/ piece of software - so just simulate the idea instead.

I think if you take the static route, then you'll need to do a pretty good job (without sounding offensive!) of the artwork and presentation. My lecturers seemed to be more excited by the people who made their presentation of applications interesting to look at; effects, attention to detail and trying hard to give it that 'moving' effect if you get what I mean? The ones who just came up with an idea and slapped it onto an iPhone screen normally just got told it was 'good' and that would be the end of it!

Eeek, essay post - sorry! Hope this helps :)
Yeah both your posts are really useful guys thanks!
I think I'm probably going to go down the route of After effects, I know nothing about flash unfortunately so it wouldn't be anything interactive, but I could certainly do something similar to the Nexus with pages flying around on a phone screen.

I was really interested if anyone had pitched for an app already. I spoke to a friend who has, though only once, and he said that in the pitch they were more interested in facts, figures and statistics. and that once they were satisfied they left the design pretty much up to the developer, so it seems uni is a bit different to the real world in that respect :p
Yeah, Uni is all about being creative and learning the trade then you get your first job and it starts being about facts fugures and how ruthless you can be. I often think it'd be more useful to have degrees in business, bulls**t & back stabbing when it comes to pitching for work. lol
haha yeah Dave i can see where you're coming from. I just want to live in my idylic uni bubble of creativity and freedom forever...