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Is anybody else made feel suicidal by Adobe Suite. I certainly feel very, very frustrated. And I do not know a user who was not.

For example, if I choose to lock guides, do you think there is lock guides entry with check bird next to it? No there is a new entry, called unlock guides.

Also, imagine, I need to copy and paste labels over the board in 1/8 of the page minus 13 mm margins. Can I do that? No, I have to unlock guides, move the one to position of 13mm and then use OS calculator to determine copy and paste distance over (297-13)*2/8 distance because Adobe Illustrator does not do that. And...

What is worse and most important that it is not copy and paste as it was in Freehand but it is in object move section with copy checkbox selected.

I think Adobe Illustrator is designed to feel the user miserable at every step of the way to their end.


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I always think with Illustrator that the destination is awesome but the journey can be pretty shite.

It can be quite unintuitive at times and I wish that had have taken some of the better features of Freehand when they bought out Macromedia.
Freehand was a pretty awesome package in its day.