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Before you say anything, I know, I know!!!! Microsoft Word is pants!
Anyway, I'm a graphic designer and use CS suite for my layout work. I recently designed a letterhead for a client of mine who now wants the same design on a Microsoft Word document so he can email documents to customers...
Does anyone know Microsoft Word enough to do this for me? I know it's not a big job, but I never use the package.

I have 2x letterheads that need doing.

I'd appreciate if you could email me with a price

Many thanks
Can't you just save the images in high res and pop them in the header and footer of word as embedded images?

EDIT: Sorry just read that you don't use Word, I think it's pretty easy to do although I don't use Word either, sorry.
When we deal with the same issue we advise our clients the following:

We show the client how to produce a pdf of their word document and then how to embed the letterhead design as a background layer via Adobe Acrobat. This way the letterhead design appears as it should!

I hope that this helps.
Hi Jamie

I was asked for the samething a few weeks ago, its easy enough.

Save your design as a jpeg & insert the image into word.

Scale to the correct size & send to the image to the back.

Create a new text box over the Letterhead design & start typing.

Job done.


Hi Guys,

I have created my letterhead design in illustrator cs3 but cannot for the life of me get it into a word document for my client without loosing its quality. I have tried inserting into the header as a emf, pdf and ai file but the quality from the vector illustration just diasappears.

This is just a really simple design logo top left corner and the address top right, what am i doing wrong?????

Any help is truly appreciated...
As the others said, you need to save it out as a jpeg, 300dpi, 210mm wide, including the white space. At least that's the method I like - it fixes everything on the page and stops them fiddling. Then insert it into the header.