MERCTECHNIX logo design critique needed


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Due to the great response and help from my last post i thought i would ask for any help on a new logo i am currently designing.

It is for a small car mechanic service specialising in Mercedes benz cars.

Any help and ideas would be extremely appreciated!



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It's a nice clear logo. If it were me, I'd maybe try slightly lowering some of the letters to allude to the idea of wheels. The 'e' and the 'n' maybe? The 'i' might look too unbalanced. Just an idea :)
I like it but there's not much to say that it's a mechanic specializing in mercedes - not even a hint

try using the outline of one of their most famous cars, gullwing doors etc ... anything relevant

Thanks for the feedback, the guy didnt like the logo and sent me a picture message of a little drawing he made up so i started off fresh and followed his rough idea. The only snag with this job is that the logo will be on a rugby shirt sleeve and the shirts are due to be sent off to made in india in literally 1 or 2 days, id of preferred to of had a bit more time than that!

I was going to put a cog in the logo but his friends similar company has a cog design.

Anyways heres the new designs, if he likes it thats ok.

Feedback would be great

Thanks once again


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I like number 6, clean and to the point. You certainly get a 'motor' feel, think it's because it reminds me a little of toyota's MR2 logotype.
I think out of the new revisions I am split between 5 and 6 but I would suggest moreso the 6th version because it's very clear and decisive.

Nicely done :)
cheers once again for feedback!

He now wants the company name going through the MTX i've revised it yet again.....! Ive put a gradient through each and i prefer the pacing between the letters on a couple of them.

Have a look!



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Personally, I prefer number 5 this time, although I would suggest trying to do a version with the text overlaying the bottom of the mtx therefore making the mtx more obvious. Just an idea but hope it helps. Perhaps sit the text about 10px from the bottom of the T on top of the MTX. Hopefully I am making sense here.
yeh i understand , ill give it a try but he seems quite determined to have the name in the middle. cant help to try eh? Do you prefer the spacing in 'merctechnix' in 1 and 2 to the others?

I think personally that it rolls off the tongue as a word so to speak when the spacing isn't there. It also flows a lot better in the graphic. I would suggest keeping it like version 5 mate :)

I hope it helps, try both versions, explain to them that the MTX is being hidden although it may not be that much of a problem.

Let me know how you get on mate :)