Mercedez-Bens Brand Guidelines


Here is a good one for you all today!

I am having a delima at work where we are doing a job for a Mercedes-Benz building nearby.....only thing is we need the branding guildlines as we need to know the pantone and RAL colour references for their very dark blue......

Oh the joys! Don't suppose anyone has a copy of the PDF hanging around they could shift my way?

haha thanks guys!

Rich - Thanks for the link, I signed up to that earlier but it's really tight. I am still waiting authorization for registration and who eve knows if I will be allowed in the end??

We could ask the marketing too if worst comes to worse.... I normally just go and find the guidelines online. Most of the time you can download a PDF and their colours are in the artwork anyway, but in the case of a RAL colour it'll be a little bit more interesting! Fingers crossed BDS approve sooon!

Update! I never did get the guidelines, sadly, but we did something a bit more exciting instead. We ran down to the building with a RAL reference sheet and went from there. Worked wonders and the client has given go ahead anyway haha - always nice when things come together nicely ;)