March Workload


So how was March for everyone else? It was really dead for me. I did go away on holiday to Spain (oh how glorious it was) for the last week of it, but still it was dead.

Last year June was a dead month for me, but this year it was March for sure.

I've come back from holiday refreshed so now it's time to write loads of blogs, do loads of networking and pull in the work :)

Hi Amanda

Welcome to the forum, hopefully get some more users on here in the near future.

March was also quiet for us, however, it has given me chance to complete my first VAT return:icon_scared:

Next is the Tax return, would love to get an accountant but won't until I cannot cope myself.

P.S: The re-design of your website is looking really cool:icon_clapping:
March was pretty good for me. December was AWFUL!

April is already fully booked up :)

Lots of logo jobs on for this month along with a big brochure project.

Long may it continue.

As for accounts, thats what i have an accountant for. I give him a big pile of paper and he sorts it all out :D
Tax Etc

March was pretty good for me. December was AWFUL!


Historically I used to have bad Decembers, but the last two years that hasn't happened at all, it's been as busy as usual.

Now for the last couple of years I'm guaranteed to have a rubbish month or two in Spring instead of around Christmas. No idea what that is at all.

Tax Time - I tend to bury my head in the sand until my book keeper emails me with a prompt. That's usually within days after the end of the tax year. I haven't heard from her yet though.

I always get mine done in a really timely manner, I have a deep fear of being fined for late submission, lol.

Just sent my tax return online, how's that for quick :icon_biggrin:

Actually it is really really easy if you keep your records throughout the year up to date.