Maps - copyright (in UK)


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Hi - I am designing a leaflet for print & distribution and wish to incluse a small street map. Where can I buy maps and copyright (in UK) to use maps ?

This is from Google regarding their maps

"All uses of Google Maps and Google Earth and Content MUST provide attribution to Google and our suppliers. In no circumstance do we approve of any use of Content without proper attribution. Requests for exceptions will not be answered.

Attribution is the line(s) shown on the bottom of the Content in the products along with copyright notices, such as “©2011 Google, Map Data ©2011 Tele Atlas.” (The exact text of the attribution changes based on geography and Content type.) The attribution text must be legible to the average viewer or reader. The automatically-generated Google logo and attribution text may only be removed or obstructed if reintroduced in a visible form elsewhere within the Content. In print use, if for some reason attribution cannot be placed within the Content, separate attribution text must be provided directly adjacent to the Content. In video, attribution must appear on-screen for the entire duration the Content is displayed; we cannot approve requests to move attribution to end credits."

I have found if you take an online map, vectorise it and bring out only the points relevant to your client you should generally be OK. The BAPC introduced something a few years ago but can't find it on their website niow