manor drawing/sketch logo from picture

peter katrenics

New Member
I am looking for a quote for a drawing/sketch logo from a photo image of the manor.
- logo should be in a PNG file or GIF file in a different sizes and suitable for a gift souvenir printing like mugs, key rings, etc.
-logo will be printed on a souvenirs, so the drawing should be romantic, ease going with a artistic feel to it.
-logo must incluid the word BETLIAR as a name of the manor.

I will attach a series of photo images of the manor, and a series of similar sketch images of castles and manors just for to give a simple idea how it should looks like.

the fee is negotiable, but I am anticipating a budget in the region of 80 pounds.

would appreciate any advice.
thank you
Hi Peter,

I've private messaged you concerning this work.

I create product based graphics (label sheet/ waterslide and tampo printing) as part of my day job and forsee no real problems with your request.