Managing Domains

Dyson XP

New Member
I am a young web designer and about to start making websites for other people.

So i decided to look at my competion and noticed that some offer free domains names, so im just a little unsure

so my question is, how do web designers manage there domain names? do u just get the customer to pay for the domain name on there own, or do u pay for it with the money you recive from making the site, but then surley that would get complicated and in 50years or so you are still paying for old customers domain names and in the end u would eventually be paying more then what u recived for making the site

any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated

We use to host our websites and also to buy the domains, we put the price into one and we organise the domains etc for the first year. If you keep things all in one place it should be simple, streamline will notify you when the renewals are due so then you know to contact your customers to charge them. The website is one thing but the domain and server parking are a yearly charge to your customer with your bit on top for your time, we charge average £50 per year per customer...Dont forget to mention this to them at the very very beginning..put it in the contract

hope this helps