Major help required Adobe InDesign problems Mac


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Hi everyone,

I am currently using Adobe InDesign 2017.1 CC and I recently upgraded to iOS Catalina 10.15.5 and now in design is not working I cannot change the screen display, I cannot use some shortcuts such as commander, I cannot uninstall it and I cannot reinstall it.

Any ideas?


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I can't help personally, but I see a lot of this kind of thing on the Adobe community support page, just click on the InDesign page, but the
problems could be similar to other apps too so check them out for tips or help etc.



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MacOS 10.15(Catalina) is not supported platform for Adobe InDesign CC2017.
In macOS10.15 Apple enforced strict 64bit rules . Older apps having 32bit components won’t be able to run on Catalina.
InDesign CC 2017 also has few 32bit components hence, it will not run properly on macOS10.15.

Either move back to macOS10.14 OR update Adobe InDesign to latest version that is complete 64bit.