'Mail Boxes etc' Reprographic and Shipping Assistant

Guy LeDouche

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Hi forum,

I'm currently seeking work and I've just noticed that 'Mail Boxes etc' are hiring.

I was just wondering if anybody here has had any experience, good or bad, working for or dealing with them? And whether people think this would be a good place to work and beneficial learning experience. (I'm a part-time graphic design student with a years experience of digital printing and graphic design at a junior level.)

Thanks in advance,

Who are Mail Boxes Etc? Is it a non-creative company looking for a designer for their inhouse team? Whatever it is, any work experience is good work experience regardless of who it's for.
Hi, I'm not that familiar with them, info from their website indicates they're a franchise who provide print, mail boxes and send parcels.

The job is advertised as 'Digital Print Production & Graphic Design Assistant', but later in the advert it's retitled 'Reprographic & Shipping Assistant', so the Graphic Design title might be bait. But I agree with you, any work experience is good experience! I think I'll follow it up.

(I probably shouldn't have announced the vacancy on a forum though, doh!)
As with all franchises they are only as good as their franchisee! Some Mail Boxes etc will do more design and print than others... In a small business you generally end up doing more than your job title might suggest. My designer begged to be taught how to guillotine properly! Go for it it won't do you any harm. And working with Joe Public is such fun!