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I am having real problems with the multi-touch being far to sensitive. Especially in the likes of photoshop and Indesign, i'm all over the place without consciously having to lift my finger further away. Is there anyway to change this sensitivity?
I believe you can sort that issue out going through System Preferences > Keyboard and Mice. There's various settings to play with in there.
I hate the magic mouse - such a bad design in my opinion. A typical case of Apple making something look cool at the cost of functionality. Why make the whole top surface of the mouse touch sensitive? Nearly all the time I found I was scrolling or performing gestures that I didn't want. Maybe its ok for regular use, but for professional use with pro apps I found the simple solution was to replace it with a normal mouse which is actually designed with ergonomics in mind.
I find it very scatty in indesign but I think you eventually get used to it. (or dump it for a bamboo)
I use an old Microsoft (BLASPHEMY!) mouse. My magic mouse lasted about 2 weeks before I got annoyed having to hold Ctrl to right-click (it has right-click functionality but it seems to only work when it wants to).

It looks nice, but it's just not practical for designing with.
Is plugging a microsoft mouse into a mac even allowed?

Seriously considering getting rid of the magic mouse. For nearly 60 quid its not worth it.

Looking at alternatives is taking me back to my days of PC gaming :icon_rolleyes:
There is probably a slight paradox created by doing that. I went back to the mighty mouse after about a week of using the magic mouse, and while your at it ditch the pathetic mini bluetooth keyboard (if you're using it) for the regular wired man size keyboard :icon_tongue_smilie:

You can get by with the mighty mouse but its not exactly ergonomically designed - Logitech mice are normally pretty good if you can bring yourself to attach something non Apple to your Mac.
The default settings for the magic mouse are horrendous. Especially when you are creating a multi-page document using in-design.

I just adjusted them until is was comfortable and you can turn off the setting that makes the scroller react if you make a sudden jolt to the mouse.
creativeideal;34300 Looking at alternatives is taking me back to my days of PC gaming :icon_rolleyes:[/QUOTE said:
YES come over to the darksideeeee
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Oh and guess works great in indesign too :p
I hate, hate, hate, HATE the magic mouse at work. I have gone into system preferences and turned everything completely down / off and it STILL wanders all over the place at freewill. Particularly bad in Indesign :icon_cursing: