Magazine Designer/Artworker DEVON


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I am looking for a designer/artworker for the 68 page quarterly glossy Country Magazine in Devon.

Ads will be done. There will be about ten pages.

So 58 pages of artwork for you.

The job is done in Indesign CS3

Templates and stylesheets will be supplied although will allow for some creative input from you.

We allow two weeks prior to publication and upload single page proofs to printers via ftp.

Also allow two days to sit with editor and go through making authors corrects etc.

Some photo correction in photoshop.
Thanks for all the recommendations guys, really greatly appreciated!!

Hi Nomis,

I'm sure I can help you with this, as I've worked on a fair few brochures, magazines, and many page prospectus in the past. I'm also located in Plymouth at the moment.

Please could you PM me your email / contact details and I'll contact you and see where we go from there.

Look forward to hearing from you!

It would seem that using a local designer makes sense to me also. And from what I see from his experience and portfolio, Dot Design seems like your man.

However, If you do want some alternatives, I have alot of experience in magazine design. I was in charge of Sotheby's Preview magazine for five years. I would be happy to quote you on your project.