magazine brief concept


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I was asked to make an initial brief design concept for local magazine, but had no experience in magazine design before. Any thoughts about what exactly they expect to see as a final result? Is this just an initial template/layout for some pages and a cover? Have no images provided, just a basic content topics of this magazine.

Thank you.
Hi there, welcome to the community. First of all, magazine design would be one of your greatest creative projects you will ever do.

In most cases, clients will tell you what they want for magazines, brochures and booklets but from the sounds of it, you need to take the lead and move the project forward.

In your case, walk into WHSmith and browse through the magazines available, perhaps discretely take a few snaps of the pages, so look at fonts, colour, positioning, content layout, images and other cool 'effects'. This should give you enough inspiration to come up with a unique and strong template for the content.

Who is the target market for the magazine, particularly the genre of content?
Any specific colours?
Any brand guidelines, like the use of specific fonts?

As this will be a concept, utilise the text content and find suitable images, unless you can ask them?
Yes, an initial template and perhaps cover - maybe they are unsure what they are looking for - give them ideas!

If you can, include your designs as a magazine mockup, most clients like this! :icon_smile: