Macbook Pro or Macbook Air?


Hi All,

We're in the process of ordering a new iMac (27" :icon_biggrin:), but are looking into another laptop too. I currently use an old MacBook Pro but it's getting a bit past it.

My question is: should I get a new MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air?

I'd just like to know the pros and cons of both. The Air seems great for being more of a portable option than the MacBook Pro, as I find carting my old one about a bit bothersome. However, the MacBook Pro is obviously more powerful.

Can I work comfortably in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator on an Air, or would I regret it when things become a bit more demanding?

What are your experiences?


G :thumb:
I would say the limitation of the Air is the HDD size. 256gb really isn't going to last long if you're installing design software and then saving working documents... And then there's the lack of disk drive. Not an issue if you're sat next to your iMac and can share it's superdrive but if you're on the road and a client hands you a cd full of files, it could be a bit of a pain.

Having said that, I'd have the Air over the MBP (unless its the retina display model lol)