Macbook Pro for design: 15" or 17"?


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Hi all, I'm guessing that some of you out there will use either of the Macbook Pro 15" or 17" versions, so I could use your input please! I'm going to start working for a couple of clients away from my home office so need a Macbook to work on when I'm out and about, and while I always thought that a 17" would definitely be the one to go for (ie for the sheer physical size), other people have said that a 15" is ample size, and there's also the issue of the 17" being bigger to carry around - anyone any experience/recommendations ? many thanks
I use the 15. The 17's just too big and heavy for a portable. But I do use a separate large monitor when I'm at home, so then you get the best of both worlds.
thanks all for your replies, I already use an iMac at home so don't have any need to view the 15" through a monitor there, it's purely for using on the go and, most likely, as a standalone machine in another office where the client would like me to be 'on site' (as PR cover answering the phone!)
I use the 15" too. A client has the 17" and when they’re side by side they aren’t all that different really. Just ones heavier and more expensive ;)