Mac vs. Pc


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Hello ! I've been using PC for years and never had a Mac, I was thinking of getting and iMac for university if I have the money and I was wondering what are your thoughts about having a Mac ... Is it better ? Is it worth scraping money for food for a few weeks in uni ? lol
I don't use a MAC but I've dismantled a few and all I can tell you is that they are incredibly well-built compared to PCs. If you want a machine that will last you through college and into your career then it's worth the money. Whether you should sacrifice eating to get one is your decision!
Probably depends what you want it for. We have both - use the Mac/s for design (well I use mine for everything) and the PC for admin. Macs are wonderfully built and will last for ages. Mine is at least 7 years old. Don't recall ever having a Mac go pop on us - but we've thrown PCs out of the window!

Don't know about gaming (if you're into that) never played...
I don't think the "is a Mac better than a PC" argument is particularly valid for designers, as once you're into the software (ie; photoshop, illustrator etc..) it all looks and acts the same.

From an investment point of view, mac's outlast PC's and have a resale value when you're done with them. For example in 2011 I sold a 2007 MBP for £650 (you'd struggle to get anything for a 4 year old PC laptop). I also have an early 2000's G4 PowerMac which I use daily and has never missed a beat.

From an employment point of view, Mac's are pretty much industry standard so by not being mac-literate you're putting yourself at a disadvantage.
I use a Mac, and would never go back to a Windows PC now. From my experience they just work better (unless you know the ins and outs of building PCs), Mac OS is fantastic to use and they just look great. People claim they're overpriced but honestly, those people have probably never used one. When it comes to quality, you get what you pay for.

Also, think hard about wether or not you want an iMac or a MacBook Pro (about the same price). I bought an iMac because I wanted a bigger screen, but sometimes I wish I'd done what my friend did and bought a MBP, then hooked it up to a larger monitor. Having a laptop you can take with you to portfolio crits, interviews and placements is a big benefit.
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Macs are good - no question - but a PC with the right build and the right components is every bit as good at a much lower cost. In short, if you take the custom route, you can save yourself a stack but who can be bothered with that?* Also, don't be swayed in any way by the deep emotional bond horseshit (or the counter argument) as I reckon that mainly exists in the in the arena of Apple's mass market Phone/Pad products.