Mac User Magazine, anyone?

After further enquiries it seems a large number of designers have never heard of it, think I'll be giving it a miss.
I'd give it a miss, I think its more to do with mac hardware and more recently iphone info than any design related bits and pieces. Creative Review and Design Week are good design mags worth checking out.
You can usually pick up a copy of either of those 2 titles in WHSmith. That way you can have a flick through,see if its for you. Grafik is also a good title, some great work in these mags, though it tends to be the same type of work, the work of high end design agencies based in London.
I know this thread is pretty old now, but I just stumbled upon it and thought I'd mention I've been a subscriber to MacUser for years...

At my day job, we advertise in MacFormat, but that's because they have a regular gaming review section.

dot design (Gareth)'s recommendations were sound though... have had subscriptions to both of those on and off.